How does it work?

We log your account to our system. Then we make natural activity to make traffic on your profile. We reach to the people you want. We can search users using interests, location, and additionally, we can take sources from profiles that inspire you!

In contrast to competition, we do not focus on aggressive activities, because we care about the safety of our clients and do not want to expose them to the ban of the account.

Why do we need login and password for your account?

Before start promotion on your profile, we have to log in you to our system. We grow your account organically, making activity directly from your account. Imagine that we would log in on your account without knowledge your password. That would be a crime! That is why we need to have from you your agreement.

But do not worry! You can use your account during our promotion. You have full control about everything.

Is it safe?

Our promotion is 100% safe, especially if you listen our tips. We make sure that our system works always at Instagram’s limits, keeping your account safe. We never has any issue with ban or suspension with any of our clients.

All information from you go to the encrypted database. From our side you have also discretion.

We do not upload any photos, texts and we do not send messages from your account without your agreement.

Do you have access to my private messages?

With care about the comfort of our clients, we have no access to the private messages. You can be sure that no one will read your correspondences.

We can check only results from auto DM if you buy package with this option.

Can I add posts during the promotion?

For sure you can add your posts! The same is with Insta Stories and writting private messages.